We, at Woodlands Eye Associates, provide the services and care necessary for good eye health. From children to seniors, our services meet all of their eye care needs.

Drs. Kaufman, Wright, Brown, Graham and Ross are Therapeutic Optometrists, who are licensed to treat eye diseases and injuries, prescribe medicine and perform other procedures such as foreign body removal in the eye. Drs. Kaufman, Wright, Brown, Graham are also Optometric Glaucoma Specialists, who are also licensed to treat glaucoma (the work in co-management with Dr. Slade) and may also prescribe a limited number of oral drugs.

The services provided by the doctors of Woodlands Eye Associates include complete medical eye exams for all ages, routine and complicated contact lens fittings, and medical treatments for eye diseases and certain traumas.  Convenient LASIK co-management is also available with Dr. Stephen Slade.   In addition, the Optical Centers of Woodlands Eye Associates display over 1,000 frames from most of the leading designers. Also available in the Optical Center are protective eyewear, sunglasses, and a wide selection of premier lenses and protective coatings.  Frames, lenses and contact lenses are offered at competitive prices below local national retailers and online distributors.

  • Comprehensive eye care for children, adults & seniors (starting at age 4)
  • Contact Lens Management}
  • Dry eye management & punctal occlusion
  • Allergy Eyes: red, itchy, watery, drippy
  • No shot, no suture cataract and implant surgery by Dr. Slade
  • State-of-the-art visual field services for glaucoma and neurological conditions
  • Amniotic Membrane Placement
  • Diabetes
  • On-Site Optical Center with computerized lab
  • Thousands of designer frame styles, quality lenses all at competitive
  • Online contact ordering
  • Appointment Requests online
  • Payments online
  • Therapeutic Optometrists
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Professional Caring Staff

Comprehensive Exam
Our comprehensive eye exam includes a complete health and eye history, a thorough eye health evaluation including testing for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. We use state of the art technology. Your doctor then explains the results of the examination and makes recommendations to meet your visual needs.

Contact Lens Evaluation
After you have completed your comprehensive examination, we provide additional contact lens services for our patients utilizing the latest advances in material technology. We fit a variety of lens types, specializing in difficult-to-fit patients and those with complex prescriptions. We offer a complete inventory of contact lens and you have the ability to Order online at price that beat local national retailers and leading online suppliers.

Children’s Vision

Undiagnosed vision problems may be the cause of some learning difficulties. Having your child’s eyes examined early on may help improve their performance in both the classroom and in sports activities. Possible corrections include spectacles, contact lenses and sports goggles.

Medical Diseases of the Eye

Eye problems range in severity, and many of them are easily and safely treated. Some diseases, however, are more complex and require the intervention of a specialist. We can help make the diagnosis and put together a treatment plan to solve the problem. Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetes, Dry Eye, Allergy Eyes are all considered for medical treatment.

Full Service Optical

We offer a wide variety of high-quality eye wear frames from some of the world’s most renowned designers, and the latest technology in lens options. You can choose ultra-thin lenses, extra-durable lens coatings and treatments, and the latest, most advanced progressive lens designs. Many single visions lens can be ready in a day. We guarantee our eyewear, we are never satisfied until you are satisfied. Adjustments and minor repairs are always completed on our eye wear at no charge to our patients. More on Optical.


As a patient of Woodlands Eye Associates, Drs. Kaufman, Wright, Ross and Brown will manage your pre- and post-op care in The Woodlands. Dr. Slade will perform the LASIK procedure in Houston. You will receive the finest treatment available for this surgery from the continual care of Woodlands Eye Associates and the knowledge and skill of an internationally known LASIK expert.  More on Lasik.

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